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Crystal Public Webinar
Crystal’s CEO, Marina Khaustova, and Product Director, Kyrylo Chykhradze will talk about regulatory changes and demonstrate how Crystal works for compliance procedures. We'll also discuss the typology of activity on the blockchain, along with how to monitor crypto transaction flows for potentially illicit activity.

The team will also speak about the latest updates to the regulatory landscape, and how they affect digital asset compliance workflows and risk management.
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Marina Khaustova
CEO @Crystal Blockchain
Marina joins Bitfury with more than 12 years of entrepreneurial experience in developing global online services and digital marketing strategies. Prior to joining Crystal, she was chief marketing officer and co-founder of Element Capital Group, LLC, a digital finance-focused investment bank and asset manager for the emerging tokenized and crypto-currency capital markets. At Element Capital Group, she developed the go-to-market strategy for U.S. blockchain companies, serving as an advisor for fundraising processes. Khaustova also has founded several advertising startups, such as SeoPult.
Kyrylo Chykhradze
Product Director @Crystal Blockchain
Kyrylo Chykhradze is the Head of Product at Crystal Blockchain, Bitfury’s analytics tool for blockchain and cryptocurrencies. He joined Bitfury after having worked as an academic researcher for five years, where his areas of focus were graph theory and real-world network analysis. Along with being deeply involved in forming the global product strategy for Crystal Blockchain, Kyrylo is also leading its internal forensic investigation department.